Indian Arts & Handicrafts

Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee
Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee
Travel Enthusiast.

Indian art is unique in its own. Indian artists uplift India to top in arts and handicrafts field. Indian arts enhance with its culture, religious aspect. Indian art is divided into several periods namely, Ancient period, Islamic ascendancy, Colonial period and Independence and the postcolonial period. Indian artist always try to create something new.

Most of the handicrafts of India are based on religious, social, and economic factors. The handicraft tradition is very popular. Handicraft, is a craft in which crafts are made by hands or small equipments. Actually it is a traditional art in which family members or a group of people make crafts.The handicrafts tradition started from the Indus Valley Civilization. They used to make sculpture, jewellery, pottery, weaving etc from stone, terracotta and also metal. In India we can see from ancient handicraft to modern way handicrafts. In the period of Vedic ages, there were evidence of making varied handicrafts such as weaving, wood crafting etc. There are evidences to proof that in every age whether Vedic age to Gupta age, during Mauryan Empire, and also medieval India there is tradition of making arts and handicrafts. India is a place where you could find a variety of arts and handicrafts. Some of the popular Indian arts and handicrafts are clay craft, stonework, textile, wood work,ivory, mat weaving, leather, toys, etc.

Indian Fresco-

This art is done on a wet surface. Firstly, on the wet surface they applied a batter of limestone mixture over the stone. It took couple of days to set. After that painting is done with organic pigments. Indian Fresco is a very famous Indian art form. Some of the popular examples of Indian Fresco are cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora, and also in temple walls in Pundarikapuram of Kerala.

Rock Cut Arts-

With the arrival of Buddhism Indian art get its new pace in architectural developments. They bring renowned rock cut caves.

Tribal Art-

Pottery, metalwork, paper arts etc, are different forms of tribal art. This is one of the most popular art form in India. It belongs to the very old tradition style in India.


Pottery can be made by hands as well as by wheel thrown. At the times of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, people indulge in pottery making. Pottery is one of the major art forms in India. In this kind of art, clay mixture should be in right proportion. Pottery can be found in various kinds, shapes and sizes.

Wood work-In India, wood craft is so demanding. You could find here a large variety of wood sculpture.

Stone Work-The people of Indus Valley Civilization in India were first to make stone sculpture. During Maurya dynasty's stone art came into light.India has a huge history in stone work. Its beautiful large carved walls, pillars, temples, statues give you fine examples of Indian stone work. Marble, basalt, graphite, sandstone etc are some of the popular stones used by Indian craftsmen to make their creations.

Beadwork- Beads are used to make jewellery or other personal adornment, wall hangings and sculpture.

Assemblage Art- It is a process in which three dimensional composition is made.

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