Indian Paintings

Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee
Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee
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Indian Painting provide you with a glimpse of ancient civilization to present modern era. Indian paintings are fusion of Greco-Roman, Iranian and Chinese influences. Indian art is a collection of different schools existed in India. Indian painting show rich cultural sight of India. First of all Indian painting were started as a rock painting, some of them are older than 5500 BC. After that frescoes of Ajanta and Ellora Caves came into light. The Buddhist palm leaf manuscripts, Mughal and Kangra schools of miniature, the Jain texts, metal work from Tanjore school as many as art form can be seen in India.

Indian paintings are divided into murals and miniatures. Miniature paintings can be done in cloth and paper while Murals can be done in solid structures such as walls. Big wall painting of kings, Gods are very famous among them. Some of the examples and evidences of Mural Paintings are found in contemporary Pitalkhora Caves, Bagh and Ajanta, Sittanavasal and Badami and also Kailasnatha temple in Ellora. Some of the examples of Miniature paintings are Mughal Miniature, Rajasthani Miniature and much more. Miniature paintings are superb work shown by Indian artists. They work on a palm leaf. Miniature paintings is the most important art form used in Rajasthan. The main colors used in this kind of painting are stone and gold color.

Since Indian art is a fusion of different cultures so you could find many more art form, from rock cut paintings to madhubani paintings to rajput painting etc.

Folk art paintings:- Folk art is basically art of ones own region and its themes are based on Ramayana, Purana`s, Mahabharata, daily village life, social customs, birds, animals etc. The Indian folk art includes wall paintings, oil classics, cave paintings, calendar paintings, miniatures etc. The colour used are very natural.

Tanjore Paintings:- It is a art form of South India. They used themes of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. A typical example of Tanjore style is coronation of Ram. It is the most famous one.

Warli paintings:- This form of folk art show men and women dancing in circle and marriage themes are popular.

Pata Chitra paintings:- In this type of painting bright colours are used depicting the story of life of Radha-Krishna and much more.

Rajput painting:- They use themes like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna's life, beautiful landscapes etc. They extracted colors from plant sources, shells, minerals etc.

Tribal Paintings:- Tribal paintings are based on positive ideas like celebration, birth, life etc. Tribal paintings are of many different types some of them are Pithora painting, Santhal painting, Saura painting, Pichhwai painting.

Mughal painting:- Mughal painting took shape during Mughal period. Mughal painting is mixture of Indian, Persian and Islamic styles.

Madhubani painting:- It was practice in Bihar. Madhubani painting can be done in cloth, canvas and also hand made paper. The main themes used in Madhubani painting are Hindu deities. The main categories in Madhubani paintings are: Traditional, Tattoo, Animals and Birds, Monochrome, Contemporary.

Glass Painting:- It is one of the most refined and popular art form in India. It has been emerged in the state of Gujarat. The glass paintings were famous for their rich colors, clarity.

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