Goa Travel :-
General Information:
Area: 3702 sq km.
Language: Marathi, Konkani, English and Portuguese
Best Time to Visit: October to May (To enjoy the monsoon: June to September)
STD Code: 0832 
The small state of Goa is in the west coast of the Indian peninsula with a vast coastline of 104 km.Goa is bounded on the north by Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state, on the West by the Arabian Sea, on the South by Karwar district of Karnataka state and on the East by Belgaum district of Karnataka state.
A place with moderate climate throughout the year, with heavy rainfall in the Monsoon, Goa has gained the name of traveler’s paradise with 365 days on a holiday!!
About Goa:
The main attractions of Goa are Golden beaches, mansions and churches, friendly people ,wonderful food etc. Goa is a holiday destination in India for all, in every season.
Goa is a fine blend of oriental and European culture set in a tropical landscape in India.Goa has a multi-hued and distinctive lifestyle quite different from the rest of India. Hindu and Catholic communities make up almost the entire population with minority representation of Muslims and other religions. The Roman Catholics and the Hindus have lived in perfect harmony, sharing each others’ festivals and fairs. The fun loving people of Goa are living in harmony for past five centuries with their own religions but one distinct culture called GOA. Its fabulous beaches  and sunshine,friendly nature of the Goan people attracts tourists from all over the world.It is a perfect place to relax.
The most famous legend associated with Goa, is that of the mythical sage Parashuram (the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu), who several thousand years ago created the entire stretch of Konkan coast by ordering the seas to recede. The first wave of Brahmins to settle in Goa, were called Saraswats because of their origins from the banks of the River Saraswati, an ancient river that existed in Vedic times. A group of ninety-six families, known today as Gaud Saraswats, settled along the Konkan coast around 1000 BC.Goan history dates back to antiquity.
The people of Goa are fun loving. The nature around and the fertile land has given them a relaxed nature. Goans specialized in Music, food, festivals. Fishing and coconut growing along with rice, mango and cashew nut are the main products of Goan farmers.The Christian cuisine of Goa still retains the strong influence of Portuguese cuisine over it.
Thus for decades, Goa has been a fascinating destination for foreign and local tourists equally. The ancient churches, the temples full of flowers giving out the fragrance, the unique Portuguese ambience, the cool breeze from the sea with its beaches and great people, Goa has lured many and still is the hottest tourist spot in India.