Kerala Travel :- 

                      The Emerald Land of India: KERALA
General information:
Area: 38,863 sq km
Languages: Malayalam and English
Capital: Thiruvananthapuram
Airports: Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin and Calicut
Best Time to Visit: September to February
Located on the South western tip of the Indian Subcontinent Kerala has some unique geographical features due to which it has been bestowed upon by mother nature. Sharing its borders with Karnataka in the North and Tamil Nadu in the East, Kerala has a vast coast of the Arabian Sea in the West.
Being nearer to the Sea, Kerala experiences a typical tropical climate with high levels of humidity and temperatures remaining quite steady throughout the year. The summers although can be sweaty, the winters are just about pleasant and woolens are hardly recommended.
About Kerala:
Kerala Offers a grand fiesta of tourist destinations to satisfy all the tastes, it is truly God’s Own country. Kerala is famous for its backwaters and vegetation. The people of Kerala are known as Malayalis, are of typical Dravidian nature but also having similarities in the languages, customs and other cultural aspects to the Mediterranean civilization of Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley to some extent, and that of Sri Lanka also. The Cholas and the Pandyas were the main rulers of this state. Kerala was a part of Tamil country and the Maurya dynasty ruled this place in the second century B.C. Kerala also finds a mention in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.
Kerala also known for its spices and its maritime trade. Kerala still lives in the symphony of nature. Kerala is an ancient land where food is cooked with the same recipes that was centuries ago. Ancient rulers of the State show special interest in promoting the art and culture of the state. Some of the famous art and culture of Kerala are Kathakali, Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings, Mohiniyattam dance forms, sculptures, temple architecture and handicraft etc. Kalaripayattu the traditional martial art form of Kerala is very popular among visitors.
The major attractions of Kerala are its serene beaches, backwaters stretches,Green groves of coconuts ,lush green hills, its amazing wildlife and its perfect climate makes kerala a unique place to visit. Kerala's Ayurvedic centres provide refreshment to the tourists of Kerala. Kerala is truly a natural bliss.
So if one needs, solitude and yet needs to be in touch with the world then Kerala is the place to be.